Large Format Products

Many of the Large Format products we now produce are considered a commodity item - there are a large number of printers - cheap and cheerful printers - able to print posters and corflute and there are an ever increasing number of providers offering the service.

Material variations

How do you benefit from our services? And why wouldn't you use just anyone else?

We're trade only

When everyone with a printer is out looking for every bit of work they can get onto it, we're the only one dedicated to working with resellers of print. We're never going to approach your client direct.

Accuracy of print and quality of output

All we do is large format. Our people are well trained in production and colour and this translates into consistent output. If you've got a specified product, we have the expertise to colour profile and produce that product.

Speed of turnaround and reliability

8 production large format prints on our floor means there's always capacity to get your job out quickly.

Cost of finished product

The amount of 'commodity' work we do means better buying power and this gets passed on to our clients.


We have a couple of people dedicated to being your contacts here at Super Colour. And of course, new applications for large format are always being discovered by us. Tap into our years of experience and knowledge. We're always here to make suggestions.