About Us & You

We cover most, if not all Large Format products: do you need posters, corflute, self adhesive vinyl or a billboard? These are some of our everyday products and we do a lot of them.

If it’s tricky, or has an element of difficulty this is where we stand out from the rest. If you want a backlit textile with perfect colours and an exacting finish, then we’re your people. This is what we love to do.

  • From a production focus, our priorities are:
  • Being colour accurate
  • Producing quicker
  • Increasing quality
  • Decreasing cost of manufacture

Being an extended-gamut printer, our inks (on the majority of products) are CMYK + Blue + Orange. That means we can print roughly 40% more colours and hit 85% of the Pantone Coated Library. *on quite a few substrates but not all.

We’re the only printer in New Zealand to be able to do this larger than 1.6m wide on PVC and over 1.8m in fabric.

We have just added a 3.2m dye-sublimation capacity with the purchase of a new printer and heat press (the largest and fastest in New Zealand) along with new products and applications for these machines.

This, in addition to our existing Large Format print capabilities makes us the most diverse Trade Supplier in New Zealand

` Wide shot of Large Printer

Equipment & Capabilities

In the past 18 months, we’ve added over $1.7m in new, up-to-date equipment to the production floor. And we’re always adding more to stay fast and cost effective.

Our focus is in Large Format Print and we can cover all bases in terms of technology used.

Latex Printing

There are a couple of HP Latex Printers here. Sitting in the corner belting out hundreds of square metres of print per day.

These are now our go-to printers for any Self Adhesive Vinyls, Posters and some synthetics. Great for any signage applications like three and five year vinyls. Particularly good, as the inkset allows for immediate lamination.

Cost-wise, it’s a little more expensive to run Latex than Solvent, but for us the benefits of running Latex generally outweigh the extra cost.

Solvent Printing

We started off a solvent-shop, but over the last seven or so years, we’ve migrated most of the work to UV, Textile and Latex.

Not a whole lot that can’t be run on a UV, Textile or Latex Printer these days, but we still have a few jobs that require a solvent print - often a canvas, Self Adhesive Vinyl, or Solvent-particular substrate that has to be run.

UV-cure inkjet printing

We have two of these printers. Great for printing direct-to rigid and roll substrates like PVCs, Papers and Cardboard, Polypropylene, Acrylic, Woods and some really odd substrates.

PVC Billboards and Mesh are run through a UV cure printer. We can print 3.8m wide in one piece. Wider and it needs to be welded. We’ll regularly run billboards up to 150 square metres.

Polypropylene is used in Corflute, Yupo, thin rolls and thicker rigid materials. Any of these can be run through these machines and printed directly to.

Cardboard for box mockups, POS and packaging is printed on these machines, as are some poster papers and thicker stocks.

Dye Sublimation - Transfer and Direct-to

Waterbased “eco-friendly” printing to textile for Soft Signage, Furnishings and Garment.

Transfer means we print to a paper, then heat-press transfer that image onto a textile. Direct-to is exactly that. We take a textile and print directly to the textile that then gets heat-pressed to fix the inks.

There are benefits to both methods of Dye Sublimation and there are several ink options for each of those methods. This is why we run four dye-sub machines. All set up differently to take advantage of those differences.

The chemistry behind it requires more than a couple of paragraphs of explanation, but a quick overview would be that polyester is required for this process for the particular inks to bond - this can be either a polyester textile, a polyester-blend textile, or a coating with polyester in it.

Stunning colours and vibrancy are achieved when printing dye sub and with our gamut-expanding ink set (Orange and Blue in addition to CMYK) we can print more colours more accurately.

Super Colour has both the widest and fastest of dye sub printers and heat-presses in New Zealand. At a maximum of 3.3m wide, we can produce almost anything required in a polyester textile. From indoor and outdoor soft signage to garments and decor.

Finishing Table

We use a computer controlled cutting table to increase finishing accuracy and to speed up the whole process, but this machine really comes into its own when producing work that requires any kind of routing, creasing and exact cutting

It produces work on substrates like ACM panel, timber, paperboard, PVCs, polypropylene, foams and acrylic.

We’re happy to finish any printing you’ve done - please call us to discuss file setup prior to printing.

Your Contacts here at Super Colour

Roger Johnson

This is Roger (he’s American, don’t hold it against him).
Roger was a signwriter for 30 years. A craft he learnt with a paint brush.
Luckily for us, Roger was exported from America because he was too much like a New Zealander and brought his American Sense of Customer Service with him.
Roger communicates far too well and we put that to good use as your representative here at Super Colour.

Call him on 0800 141 502

Photo of Roger

Bruno Cruz

Meet Bruno.
Everyone loves Bruno. Just ask his Mum.
Bruno comes to us by way of South Africa where he was a signwriter for 15-ish years.
More often than not, Bruno will answer the phone when you call and reply to your email when you email.
He makes this place tick.
95% of jobs that go into the system have been 'touched' by Bruno. In an entirely professional way. Get your mind out of the gutter.

Photo of Bruno

Sally Cogle

This is Sally.
Sally keeps the Christchurch-crew inline.
For quoting, questions and a general cheery-disposition, she's our go-to-lady for the South Island.
She's super-efficient.

Photo of Sally

Chris Philp

Meet Chris. He looks mean in this photo, but he’s actually the friendliest person you’ll meet.
20 years in the industry (from a time before Large Format was an industry), he’s worked for both suppliers and hardware companies here in New Zealand.
He’s the first port of call at Super Colour and we should probably rethink this photo.
He really is an approachable guy.

Photo of Chris

Aaron Waddington

This is Aaron.
Aaron is obsessed with ALL PRINTERS and everything to do with getting ink on things (including his clothes).
He seeks out new technologies, new products and new ways to doing things.
Aaron manages to spend more time on interesting projects than he should but that translates to award winning print being produced at Super Colour.

Photo of Aaron

Sam Gruenwald

This is Sam.
We snuck this photo of him at a Trade Show ogling a new printer.
Sam loves his printers.
Sam understands his printers and what they need to be happy and content printers and this is one of the reasons why your jobs look so good.

Photo of Sam

Lonnie McGrath

Meet Lonnie.
We've caught Lonnie on a 'Black-Hair' Day. Other days may be a 'Green-Hair' day, or often time's she'll colour-match a hi-vis vest.
Besides being visible to forklift operators, Lonnie is one of the team to keep production ticking.

Photo of Lonnie

Cole Holyoake

Meet Koheke. He's a massive unit.

Photo of Cole

Jan Vladyka

This is Jan (pronounced yarn - but we call him Vlady).
Jan is an environmental engineer from Czech and he’s VERY organised.
He strives to waste less and do things more efficiently in an endless pursuit of optimisation.
Jan is the reason your job is cost effective and part of the team that ensures it’ll be ontime.

Photo of Jan

Simon Waddington

This is Simon. (he makes us call him handsome Simon).
Simon used to be a builder, but now he’s a printer.
Simon understands the ins and outs of installs and matters of construction relating to print.
This is why Simon is the perfect practical person to see your job through production. He’ll pick up on those “little things” that only an installer would.

Photo of Simon