Trade Only Large
Format Supplier

We only work with resellers of print,
but if you’re looking for a signwriter,
printer, display company or agency,
we can give you a list of great ones.

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Largest and the
Fastest Textile

With the addition of our 3.2m textile printer,
we have the largest and fastest dye-sublimation
printers and heat presses in the country.
Combined, we have a capacity for over 10,000m2
of Large Format Print per day.

Flora TX-3200DS printer

Our colour is

We dedicate one person to
ensuring colour accuracy and all of
our colour profiles are available
to our clients.

Caldera automated spectrophotometer

We’re Trade-Only for Resellers of Print

With Super Colour you can print on almost anything you want, in almost any timeframe you want and in a quality you’ll be proud of.

Think of us as your inhouse Large Format Production Department.

We’re geared for our clients - Resellers of Print - to make a healthy margin and still compete in a competitive market place. We don’t compete with our clients, so our fast turnaround, quality and pricing is your advantage.

Our products are used by Signwriters, Outdoor Media Companies, Printers, Brokers and Manufacturers of Textile Products and cover everything from Posters to Billboards to Flags.

Uvistar billboard printer Banners

All of our attention is focussed on producing a quality product in the shortest amount of time possible and in the most cost effective way we can. And we back this up with unsurpassed customer service.

  • Let me explain how we can achieve this so effectively....
  • Because we’re uniquely focussed on dealing resellers of print, we don’t need the sales support, pre-press and admin resources that most Large Format printers do and we can just focus on Customer Service.

  • Because our referral business is so high, we have very little sales and marketing cost.

  • Because we’ve automated our systems - taking the human element out of the equation where we can - the time it takes to get a printer actually producing a job is significantly reduced.

  • And because our production department is a group of motivated people who do a great job of optimising production by balancing quality, cost and speed we can pass all the production savings onto you.


In this quick-turnaround-environment, we’re the quickest. In this price-focussed environment, we’re the most cost effective and when it comes to quality of print and accuracy of colour, we’re spot on.

All this translates to huge savings and efficient production. We pass all of this on to you. We aim to be priced around what it would cost you to produce - we make our margin in our production efficiency and volume.

As a reseller, you can leverage our years of experience, massive volume of capacity and buying power to provide your clients and customers a new, or extended range of large format print, new products and bring in significant additional revenue.

Finishing of routered sign

Most clients have some form of their own Large Format Printer and we compliment those existing production capabilities to offer a complete solution. We cover all bases and offer backup for when machines go down, or when work exceeds capacity.

Join more than 200 Signwriters, Agencies, Printers, Brokers and other resellers by becoming a client. Just fill in the quick form below and we’ll be in touch.

This is what our clients have to say about us…

"The team at Supercolour always have a solution to every problem and are always willing to go above and beyond to not only satisfy us as a client, but to also do everything they can to keep our clients as happy as well. This, above all else, is what I value about our working relationship with Supercolour – you know you can’t get much better when your supplier cares about delivering for your clients."

- Cassandra Albert, Go Media

"Always on top of the latest technology, Super Colour come up with a solution to any problem. Their service and quality is brilliant"

- Chris Mathers, Watermark Signs

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If you’re in the business of selling print, please call us on 0800 141 502, send us an email at, or use this quick form to get underway. Let us impress you with our turnaround, pricing and quality.

And with your personalised online login, you have access to rate cards, easy quoting, resources and tools we’ve developed over the last few years.

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Have a look at out our full selection of products from silicone Edged Graphics to Corflute to PVC Billboard. And if you can't find the right product, drop us a line.


Super Colour templates are setup to allow for the specific requirements of our hardware and to streamline the workflow we use.

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Do you want to print large (in size, not necessarily volume), colour-correct print jobs in a variety of papers, synthetics and fabrics?


By knowing the colour output from our machines, you can design and setup your files for maximum colour accuracy.