Billboards, Banners & Mesh

Why wouldn't you print huge with people that love doing it?
We offer very quick turnaround, consistent colour and amazing quality output.

You'll achieve a quick turnaround on your jobs thanks to our industrial printers built for 24/7 operation. We output the largest of billboards, media backdrops and finished banners in the tightest of timeframes.

And because we do a lot of massive print, this translates to a very consistent and cost effective output through buying power and having printers dedicated to the job.

PVC Stocks Used

Most Outdoor PVC in New Zealand ranges from 400GSM to 500GSM. Our go-to PVC is a multi-use 450GSM Grey-backed with a matt finish. We find it works well for most billboard and banner applications.

There's literally tonnes of it on our shelves and we run it daily.

You're not limited to just one stock mind you - we also have thinner/thicker, wider (up to 3.8m rolls) and doublesided banners.

PVC Billboards

In a busy month, we'll print hundreds of billboards. We ship all over the country and we excel at delivering quality billboards on time.

Average turnaround to print and dispatch a billboard is far less than 24 hours. We can prioritize if you're working to a tighter schedule.

Being in the middle of the country - affords us the ability to ship North and South Islands for next day delivery in most cases.

Billboards are ideal for short term applications, but we have no problems using billboards for anywhere up to two years in direct sun. We still have a couple in Wellington that we printed more than 5 years ago. And they're still going strong.

  • A couple of things to consider when ordering billboards:
  • For large billboards and banners to be installed around a frame, please supply artwork at 10% final size and bleed at 5mm (50mm final size).

  • Templates for a 6x3m and 12x3m artboards at 10%

  • If you have a specific PVC stock in mind, or specific finishing requirements, please call or send us a message and we'll be happy to advise. Some billboard sites also have very specific production requirements that we'll need to talk through.

Sewn & Finished Banners

Finished Banners are a specialty. We're the only printer in Wellington that prints and finishes billboards and banners inhouse*, so you know you're getting the best rate and turnaround.

*sometimes we'll outsource welding on huge jobs. This can add two days.

Finishing can be as simple as pressing in some eyelets across the top edge, or as involved as welding huge panels together and sewing in keder edges and pockets for tensioning track systems.

  • Stock options:
  • Standard 450-500GSM PVC Banner
  • Heavier weight PVCs and ripstops
  • Double sided PVC Banners
  • Backlit PVC
  • PVC mesh

We print a lot of PVC mesh for events, fences and scaffolding on construction sites. Most durable way of producing this is to double fold the edges, sew and eyelet. This comes at 3.2m wide, is pretty quick to produce and looks stunning onsite.

75% printable surface of mesh allows a vivid image and reduces the wind-loading in gusts by a substantial amount.